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Stand Alone Temperature Monitoring System
    Stand Alone Temperature Monitoring System
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      Stand Alone Temperature Monitoring System

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    Temperature Monitoring System

    This stand alone temperature monitoring system is designed for use in walk-in coolers in cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals or any application that requires monitoring of temperature.

    The unit is simple to install and operate. It can easily be programmed to provide an alarm signal if the temperature becomes outside of the desired range. The alarm signal is relayed to your device using the Total Connect app and our 24-hour monitoring center where an operator will call to inform you of the condition.

    The device is especially useful in school cafeterias when schools may closed for days or even a few weeks at a time where a failure of the cooling system could result in thousands of dollars in lost foods.

    The device can be programmed with a delay so that normal stocking of the cooler does not cause an alarm signal.

    The device uses cellular networks to contact our central monitoring service. It comes with the Lyric Control Panel and wireless detector.

    *Requrires monitoring agreement subscription.



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