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Stand Alone Marine Leak Detection System
    Stand Alone Marine Leak Detection System
    Purchase Stand Alone Marine Leak Detection System
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      Stand Alone Marine Leak Detection System

    • $499.95

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    Detect leaks before it’s too late!

    Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are always afloat.
    Bullseye Security’s Marine Leak Detection System can immediately detect water and report it to our 24/7 monitoring center.
    We can let you know there is water inside your boat before you find out the hard way!


    Our newly designed detection system uses cell phone networks powered by TotalConnect 2.0 to communicate any alarm signals to the central monitoring station who will promptly notify you of the condition. The system self-tests every 24 hours which allows you to be sure the device is operating. If the device fails to test, you will be notified by phone of a possible problem with the device. Notifications are immediately sent to your cell phone app.

    Simple Installation

    The control module is placed in the interior of your vessel out of the weather. A small remote sensor is placed in the lowest point inside your boat. 
    The sensor can simply lay on it's back or be mounted vertically. Installation is quick and easy. 
    Honeywell's TotalConnect 2.0 app gives you connectivity to verify that your vessel is ship shape!
    And it monitors temperature too!

    Comes with Lyric Control Panel, Flood and Temperature detector, and Cellular Communicator.

    Add door sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, video cameras and more!

    Monitor it all from your Total Connect 2.0 App.
    * requires yearly monitoring agreement
    *account can be transfered with the vessel

    Money Back Guarantee

    Bullseye Security offers a full 30-day money back guarantee. If the control panel cannot establish a connection to the central station, or if for any reason you are dissatisfied, we will refund your purchase price!

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