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Lyric Control Panel
    Lyric Control Panel
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      Lyric Control Panel

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    Life in Tune

    Lyric Controller is intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use, whether you’re controlling security, thermostats, cameras, lights or locks with a tap on the touchscreen or the sound of your voice. 

    No schedules, no programming and no complex menus – simply security and comfort when you’re home, and savings when you’re away.

    The Lyric Controller responds to simple voice commands, letting you enjoy convenient, hands-free home control.

    Lyric turns your smartphone into a smart home—whether you’re across the street or across the world. 

    Control security, thermostats, lights, locks, cameras and more whenever you want, wherever you are.

    You can schedule lights to turn on as the sun goes down or unlock the front door for the babysitter at the same time every week. 

    The only limitation is your imagination.

    Lyric Control Panels use Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 app

    Total Connect 2.0 helps you:

    • Remotely control your smart home, including:
      • Arm or disarm your security system
      • Unlock or lock doors
      • Turn lights off or on
      • Adjust thermostat temperature
      • Open or close garage door
    • See activity at the front door with smart video doorbell
    • View live video and recorded clips from Total Connect cameras
    • Location based arming reminders
    • Connect with smart home brands like Amazon Alexa
    • Keep your information secure with fingerprint login or face ID recognition
    • Create and control automated scenes for convenience and energy savings
    • Receive push notifications, email and video alerts on event activity

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