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Activity Monitor
    Activity Monitor
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      Activity Monitor

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    The activity monitor provides peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are up and going about their daily routine.

    It works by monitoring motion in a room or area. If no motion occurs within a specific amount of time, you will receive a notification.

    So many of us have loved ones living alone. We do our best to check on them and take care of them, but often busy schedules and distances can get in the way.

    The activity monitor is installed in an area that your loved one would normally be such as the bedroom, hallway or kitchen. When they get up or move past the detector, it detects the motion and the system shows all is well.

    If for some reason the device does not detect motion within the preset time period, it sends out an alert. Central Monitoring operators can then give you or your loved one a call and make sure they are okay. You can also choose to have a text message sent to notify you of the situation. 

    The activity monitor is also very useful in making sure health care professionals are checking on patients as required. As an example, an activity monitor placed near the entrance of the patients room could notify you if no one has entered the room within 4 hours, or whatever the amount of time you specify.

    The detector is easy to install and works with any Honeywell wireless control panel.

    Utilizing the Total Connect app and a video camera gives you the ability to observe the situation in real time from your smart phone or tablet.